Where’s the Cure Tee

Where’s the Cure Tee

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No More Games Where the f*ck is the Cure! Seriously, the more time goes by without a cure the more lives are being taken form their families. This graphic tee is all about giving honor to the countless women who fight for their lives daily and who have loss their lives due to Breast Cancer. We hope this tee helps spread awareness as well as creates a since of urgency for a cure. We are aware that this t shirt may make some people uncomfortable but we hope that, that will sparks change. 

This shirt is apart of our Breast Cancer Collection partnership with Bridgeway Life Foundation where 15% of the proceeds will go towards mental health therapy sessions for those effect by this illness. 

Fabric Details: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastic

Cleaning: Gentle Wash, and Air Dry. Minimum heat when straightening. 

Please be aware this is a made to order item and may take up to 5-10 business days to be shipped. This is nonrefundable or exchangeable due to the pandemic so please purchase your exact size.